Official Compression Wear of the USPTA

Soothe your Hips, Glutes & Thighs in our Luxury Compression Wear


The quality of LEORÊVER products is fantastic. I'm really excited about having a compression apparel company for our members, because the products can really help with your recovery and wellness.

John Embree, USPTA CEO

The last 3 days I have been on the court playing and teaching for 5 to 6 hours and I must say that these compression tights are awesome. I could have easily stayed on the courts much longer, as I was not fatigued at all. This is an incredible product!

George Collier, USPTA Member

Compression for Tennis & Pickleball - the Essential Piece of Gear

Compression Tights are universally worn in professional sports for enhancing blood flow, reducing inflammation, and minimizing the wear-and-tear on the hips, glutes & thighs. Tennis and Pickleball punish and pound the lower body. Now you have the opportunity to experience product designed for professional athletes that helps alleviate that stress. Superior Breathable Fabrics with affirming Support and Structure. Break Resistant Thread and Flatlock Stitching. Produced in the United States with Superior Craftsmanship. Designed by Jonathan Oe who created compression technical garments for Los Angeles Lakers. Your Body DESERVES the Best. Introducing LEORÊVER.

I just love these Compression Tights! They are the best I have ever worn. I use them playing tennis, running, and skiing. Bravo, Jonathan!

Mats Wilander

For years I have been wearing these Tights - training, running on treadmills or working on patterns in my studio. My Compression Tights have helped my lower body fight Father Time and keep going!

Jonathan Oe, Designer + CEO, LEORÊVER

Case Study

After a successful Collegiate career, Marcos Giron underwent double labrum surgery on his ravaged hips. Pushing through two years of re-hab and training, he fought his way back to the ATP. He wore LEORÊVER Compression Tights to support his recovering hips, cracking the top 50 players in the world in 2022. "With LEORÊVER Compression, I can move freely on the court with greater confidence in my body. It's a key component of my strength and endurance on court.

It's All in the Details

Each LEORÊVER garment is manufactured in-house in our Huntington Beach Studio, and sold directly to our Clients. Each pattern has been created by designer Jonathan Oe for professional athletes at the NBA, NFL, and ATP levels. He overseas each phase in our production process. Experience the outstanding soothing support and durability that will forever change the way you think about Compression Wear. Experience LEORÊVER.

Who We Are

Leorêver - “The Dreaming Lion” is a collection of hand crafted luxury compression wear, manufactured in-house in huntington beach, california. Originally created by designer Jonathan Oe for the Los Angeles Lakers, it has been worn by several nba and nfl teams, before being adapted for tennis and fitness. Leorêver strives each day to create the best products possible with our family of in-house artisans. We are committed to provide outstanding service to our treasured clients.