CEO Jonathan Oe reveals Leomicci will become LEORÊVER

Available for immediate release, Leomicci CEO, Jonathan Oe, made the following announcement:

I am very proud to announce that on January 1, 2019, Leomicci will officially become LEORÊVER (pronounced LEO-RAHVEY) as we continue to define Luxury Athletic Lifestyle Wear for Men.

LEORÊVER, french for "Dreaming Lion", represents the aspirations of the amazing men who wear our products.  Courage, imagination, independence - these are the qualities, that in our darkest hours, give us the strength to get back up, and move forward.  LEORÊVER represents our lasting legacy we will build for men who aspire to fulfill their human potential.

From a product standpoint, we will continue to refine each of our product lines as we transition them into the new name.  The majority of our products will bear the LEORÊVER labels and embellishments as we phase those changes in during the first quarter of 2019.  The Leomicci brand name will stay with our Cotton Collection only.

In addition, we are creating a greater visual and interactive experience for our on-line visitors, club members, and social media followers.  Our wonderful collaborators will contribute monthly pieces to our members via our club subscriptions and blogs with tips about nutrition, training, travel and more.  Our membership will simply be called "Dreaming Lion," and I encourage all men who are focussed on a fit lifestyle to subscribe.  In addition to the amazing lifestyle content, Dreaming Lion members will also enjoy privileged pricing and advanced release information on Leorêver products.

Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us.