Does the World need Luxury Athletic Wear?

When I graduated from college, I did not own a suit at the time.  But one of my first paychecks went towards a Canali suit, made in Italy.   When I put it on, I just remember feeling like a different man - elegant, powerful, confident. I can honestly tell you that owning that suit changed my life and how I looked at clothing.

As I have moved through my life, I occasionally encounter things of greatness.  And I can tell you, in detail, what makes them great, and why I treasure them. Each of them transports me to another place in my soul, inspires me, or brings me a deep joy that other things do not.  

Like a truly spectacular wine, Leorêver is made in very limited batches.    And like spectacular wine, once you experience it, you look forward to experiencing it again and again.

Such is LEORÊVER Mens Luxury Athletic Wear.  Our Compression wear supports and sculpts while retaining its quality over multiple washes.  It even has a UV cut finish protecting you from the sun’s rays. Our Track Suits are tapered and cut from luxurious breathable materials that feel like silk the moment you put your arm into the sleeve.  My patterns slim in the right places and accentuate masculine features creating a sense of power and confidence. And my Roma Collection is so comfortable, yet hip and traditional at the same time - it becomes a foundational piece of your wardrobe.

Does the World need LEORÊVER Luxury Athletic Wear?  Absolutely not - it’s not for everybody.  But neither are Louis Vuitton handbags, Chanel cashmere, Maserati Sport Cars, Monet Impressionist Paintings, or Court Side Seats at an NBA Game.  Or that favorite Bourbon whiskey, cigar, 70” television, or the trip to Hawaii with your girlfriend. We can live without all those things. But do we want to?

LEORÊVER is handcrafted in the United States by my team of artisans.  It is an affordable luxury you can hold in your hand, wear, and enjoy - over and over again.  I created LEORÊVER for those of you looking for inspiration, joy, and greatness.

Does the World need LEORÊVER Luxury Athletic Wear?  It's absolutely not meant for everyone - just men who want something truly special. 

Jonathan Oe

Designer + CEO


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