The Turning Point

We have all had a point in our lives where the rubber meets the road. There is no longer a cut and dry method on how to be successful in business or on a personal level. Defining who we are and where we are going is crucial to growing as an individual. At times our paths are redirected by a tree that falls into our path. It changes the course of our original destination and forces us to dust off our proverbial map and choose our next steps carefully. 

After spending his career building a women’s body wear business in Japan for a major label, then becoming one of the top athletic wear designers and innovators, Jonathan Oe decided to reinvent himself again and change the direction of Mens Wear in America.

Traveling to Italy, Spain, and his spiritual center, Japan, he went deep into his sub-conscious mind and realized he had one great project ahead of him.  But the more he pondered on it, the bigger it became, until it seemed like an impossible mountain to climb. Because his situation was so unique, there was no model to follow.  He was forced to build his own.  But he found inspiration and clues in unexpected places.

Jonathan realized he had some amazing similarities - and remarkable differences - to the early Christian Dior before Dior became the icon we know now today.  Jonathan’s strong technical background, pattern making skills, and on-site production resources mirrored the early Dior.  The big difference was - Jonathan’s focus on the athletic male consumer vs Christian’s focus on formal women’s wear.  They were serving an entirely different client, but doing so on a very intimate, personal level.

The other major influence on Jonathan was Monet, the iconic French Impressionist painter.  He found Monet as a soul mate who relentlessly and outrageously fought through emotional turmoil and harsh realities, balancing real life challenges in the pursuit of his art. And Monet, with his tremendous appetite for life, created his greatest work well into his eighties, proving that a late successful run was achievable.

In late 2016, Jonathan launched himself into the project, spending three years developing fabrics, patterns and samples.  Much of the product was developed for his professional athlete clients who asked him to solve fundamental problems the big sneaker companies could not.   Leorêver was born out of the endless hours of testing and retesting his designs and finding his own style. Blending new technology with traditional mens’ fashion, he created five lines of clothing under the Leorêver label, each cut to fit the modern man.

After three long years, he created the DNA for a company that would shape a new landscape for men, and stand the test of time through any generation.

Changing your traditional route that you are familiar and comfortable with can be difficult.  The unknown looms in a fog before you with not only forks in the road, but a maze of freeways requiring split second decisions.

Change is inevitable. 

LEORÊVER is designed to stay in motion with you and embrace change, so you can move forward with power and confidence through Life’s turning points.

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