The Forgotten Man

For too long there has been a gap in men’s wear.  Slouchy athletic shorts paired with a cotton baggy t-shirt that says I’m comfortable and may have just rolled out of bed. Or there is the traditional suit and stiff pleated dress pants that state you are ready to enter a stuffy room with dust filled books on shelves.

Style runs in a vein of subcultures. There are casual jeans for the person that just jumps into the simplistic style of mass produced clothing readily available at any basic store chain. Khaki pants and button up collared shirts define “Casual Friday.”  The suit jacket and dress pant choice presents a formal business adventure, perhaps going to argue a case in front of a local judge in a courtroom. 

For years I’ve watched as some men try to find a place to connect with others they have similar interests with, but most seem to wander.  Trying to find that place where they feel safe yet free to know it’s absolutely ok and healthy to care about how you look and feel.  That it’s your RIGHT to look handsome and refined, and feel powerful in your clothes.  Looking to connect with others who understand the fashion dilemma they face, as well as the social dilemma it defines.

Turning heads is not easy to do in this world of generic style and followers. Everyone seems to blur together in Chinese offshore mass produced sameness. Same stuff with different labels slapped on it.  Keeping a sense of individuality and authority over your life should be evident in your clothing choices. 

Your life isn’t average, your clothing shouldn’t be either. Direction is important. Every day we choose what route to take on the road, the best way to travel until we reach our destination.  How we choose to do that can be defined as “Style.”  The choices you make affect your day and your future. Clothing that communicates your intention is essential. People see you and see what you are speaking non verbally. These non verbal cues can help or hinder your day to day interactions.  

Now there is an answer for the group of men that have been forgotten for years. That need a professional tailored look without giving an impression that they are going to be stuffy and closed minded. We want to connect with others that walk a unique path. To communicate with another set of people that value the same things. Uniting with others that have the same sense of purpose as we do. 

Epic clothes don’t happen by accident, they are planned thoughtfully and carefully with attention to detail. Clothing communicates your state of mind. It affects your psyche and when your body needs oxygen. It can either keep you on your toes or slow you down. When you feel better about yourself it affects your state of mind and how your present yourself. Your confidence when you step into a room is easily recognizable and makes you easy to remember. Fabrics must be tested and tried to ensure durability, comfort and appearance. 

LEORÊVER, by Jonathan Oe, connects traditional tailoring, and the best in fabric technology, to the modern man. Breathable fabric that moves with your body. Each seam is created with intention and precision to ensure the best fit that will stand the test of time. 

Strength and stability is interwoven in the fabric to ensure maximum strength and endurance. We take the road less traveled in order to make sure the fit is the best option available. The destination is just as important as the journey in our fabric and designs. 

An active business day that spills into a night of spending time with people that are just as important as your checklist during the day requires important planning and versatility. We take you effortlessly from the beginning to the end of your day in majestic style and comfort.

Step into the future of modern business wear and fashion. Stand out from the crowd. Your path is set and you are embracing it. Communicate that to others as soon as they see you in their path. 

Enter a room with the presence of mind that brings your unique talents and skill set that no other person can duplicate. Command the attention of the other movers and shakers around you that will recognize the intention in your decisions. 

You are a man on the move. It’s about time that your clothing can interpret your steps into the future.  LEORÊVER: Made in the USA.

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