Excellence is Style you Create

Men's Health Magazine Compression Wear of the Year, is the structure LEORÊVER is built on. Excellence is what we create, the feel of achievement is what you have when wearing LEORÊVER collections. 



Feel pride when you are working on your body, hitting those goals in hand made compression wear, handcrafted in America. Know that professional sportsmen have worn and continue to train in LEORÊVER compression pieces, with colors to match your team or your style.

Founder Jonathan bought a small cut and sew business in Glendale California, that made custom sports uniforms for teams. Starting out with three employees, Jonathan decided to teach himself how to make the clothes he designs. He discovered that he had a natural talent for making patterns, hours spent at the cutting table and creating original lines for the athletic man. 

Jonathan knows how a person should feel when wearing one of his pieces. “The body takes on the pattern” with masculine cuts and built with the athletic man in mind, each piece has a style that excels its purpose.

Finding that there was no sense of direction or guidance in the business casual industry for the modern day man. Jonathan sensed he could create a physical garment and philosophy to connect with today's man as he takes on the adventure of life.

Excellence is achieved through the process of LEORÊVER, starting with original patterns and cuts, to handcrafting of pieces by selected Artisans in our Huntington Beach Atelier. Driving our customer to value themselves and go after the life they desire. 

Excellent style is yours, make the workout achieve the physique you want and wear garments designed for the athletic American man. 


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