The All New LEORÊVER Womens Compression Wear Line


Womens Compression Wear

Since 2016, Designer & Creator Jonathan Oe has been making Award Winning Compression Tights for Men, redefining that space. In the meantime, the Women's Compression Market has been filled with mostly flimsy price point "leggings" that simply lack durability and end up in landfills at an alarming rate.

LEORÊVER Creator Jonathan Oe felt it was finally time to release his signature Compression Tights for Women. "I wanted to create a line of flattering Compression Tights for Women that would not only Shape but also provide Structure. The product is designed to enhance a Woman's body lines while improving the circulation and energy in her hips and legs. Our in-house manufacturing ensures long-lasting quality and comfort."

Now both Men and Women can experience the Life enhancing fit, structure, and power of LEORÊVER Compression Tights.