Selective Manufacturing to Fight the Cycle of Waste

American corporations have created mountains of waste leveraging 25 cent per hour labor in China and cheap materials. Mass-produced inventory is shipped on container boats to the US and then sold at discounts at big box retailers and online. Consumers use them a few times, they blow out, get thrown away, then replaced by another - creating massive amounts of product overflowing our landfills. It is a cycle of waste.

So how does LEORÊVER break that cycle of waste? Running counter to everything that is taught in American business schools - I.e. increasing cheap supply to price cut your competitors to death, then flooding the marketplace - Designer and CEO Jonathan Oe went against the grain.

Although LEORÊVER has many product variations - style / color / size combinations, we do not hold large amounts of inventory. Jonathan just decided to make what you need, when you need it. He and his team make your orders here locally when they come in, holding additional stock inventory in just a few styles. His goal is to ship orders within 2-5 business days after being ordered. Using better materials, stronger thread, and highly skilled craftspeople, Jonathan wants his products to wear well and be treasured. By using his “Small Batch” approach in production, LEORÊVER is able to provide long lasting quality in a wide array of choices. 

This method of selective manufacturing creates an exclusive feeling about LEORÊVER products, while fighting the wasteful nature of the clothing industry. By simply making a better quality product that lasts longer and is enjoyed more reduces waste. By only making what we need for you, and not over-producing furthermore reduces waste. This RESPONSIBLE way of running our business is good for our Clients AND the world we live in.

To Jonathan, success is about your enjoyment and appreciation of LEORÊVER products. His unique "selective manufacturing" approach truly has positive and powerful global implications.