Power in The Pattern

Creating a lifestyle through fabric, the Dreaming Lion lives in all of us, we just need to feel it. LEORÊVER gives you the guidance to step into an aspirational space, to pursue those dreams and learn the skills you need to achieve it .

Skills are learned everyday and from many different forms, Jonathan has learnt how to create a philosophy through a physical product. Starting within the sports industry, making the Los Angeles Lakers uniforms. He wanted to give the athletic American man more than just baggy basketball shorts and oversized t-shirts, a man should feel something when he is working out. 

Stepping into the aspiration to achieve an oasis for men to go after the life they desired, started at the cutting table Jonathan created patterns tapered for the man's body, with style and masculinity. LEORÊVER is truly a brand made to make a man value himself.


Exactly like how you create a pattern for your workout schedule, Jonathan starts all designs from a vision before creating the pattern. All collections have been designed, cut and made in Huntington Beach California. Power in the pattern starts with our Compression Wear, one collection that started from a game of basketball. Jeremy Lin was playing in the NBA and was the original person to start wearing LEORÊVER compression tights, the pattern was made back in 2017 with slight adaptations over the next years, the trainer of Los Angeles Lakers ask Jonathan to help out Larry Nance Jr who wanted tights that actually worked with him. A one day turnaround and the Los Angeles Lakers were now apart of the LEORÊVER team, winning 5 Championships. Knowing the structure of how each garment is created and physically creating the pattern yourself makes all the difference in producing a powerful product. 

Developing collections from original patterns allows choice in all aspects of the garment, from stitches to fabrics. Compression wear stitches have been created to make the product work with your body as you work out, right down to the waist band that does not have a drawstring and there is no need due to the fold over waistband that is cut at the pattern level to not fall down. Including a flat stitch on the side seams ensuring a smooth feel with no extra fabric.

Growing his collections Jonathan met professional boxer Xander Zayas to design and produce the Palisades Collection, with features that are unique to the sport of boxing. Includes the feature of a wider waist band that is very similar to typical boxing shorts. The Palisade Jacket is created for the boxer to train in, with most important detail being in the fabric selected to allow for maximum movement when tightly fitted to the body. Palisades Collection has the powerful punch starting from the pattern to become an ultimate collection for any workout.



LEORÊVER patterns are design for particular fabrics, that have been sourced to work for that jacket, tight or pant. Materials that are developed from a philosophical thought that is unique and form a powerful part of the creation, Jonathan has discovered a space where a man can awaken the Dreaming Lion.