Play the Palisades

Located on the stunning California coast, where LEORÊVER was created and continues to feel at home. A cruise up the coast you arrive at the sweeping coastline of the Pacific Palisades, CA. 

Capturing the silky smooth Palisades style it is designed to be worn on the water, for a run in the hills or a walk through the city. Made from our proprietary micro-fiber poly spandex interlock fabric means it is as soothing to touch as the Pacific Ocean.  


Originally designed for the professional boxer to train and recover in, each piece of this collection has versatility and comfort that is made to match the athletic American man. Features on the Palisade pants and shorts include the extra wide waistband. It is extremely similar to a pair of shorts the boxer would wear in the ring. This gives comfort during any exercise session, and can be worn loose or tight. Invisible side zippers with LEORÊVER signature mesh lined pockets keep your valuables secure, just remember to take your phone out if you decide to hit the ocean in them.

The upper body is very important to the professional boxer, making sure their arm muscles are always in top shape. Keeping the blood flow through their muscles is important, Jonathan wanted to create a jacket that benefits the boxer. The Palisade Newport and Hooded Miami Jacket are perfectly designed to be worn in a workout, Jonathan’s V-cut pattern and choice of fabric allows the body to perform intense movement without restriction from the garment. Palisade Jackets are also the perfect layering piece to add to any workout or during the winter breeze. 

Palisade Collection is for that athletic man that knows his shape and enjoys the feel of pieces handcrafted for his body. Functional yet fashionable and practical, this smooth collection will work alongside the goals you have set for the year. Jonathan has developed a “feel” for you to experience and treasure as your journey continues.