Pants that Define "Luxury Activewear"

“Activewear” means pieces that work in wide array of activities and movement. “Luxury” means looking and feeling a heightened sense of elegance and comfort. Those two ideas are embodied in the Roma and Eighth Ave Pants. Essentially the same Pant - just with a different logo treatment - the two lines are made from Flex Micro Modal which feels like a SILKY Egyptian cotton that STRETCHES and BREATHES. The fabric is knitted in California and cut, sewn and finished at LEORÊVER Atelier in Huntington Beach.

With it’s Euro tapered fit, it caries an elegant silhouette that resembles tailored fitted trousers, but are so comfortable, you never want to take them off. But it gets even better - the fabric is wrinkle resistant, odorless (unlike the dry fit polyester fabrics), and environmentally friendly. Micro Modal is a man made natural fiber. And there are pocket zippers to keep your valuables secure.

Jonathan has paired this amazing fabric with his exquisite hand drawn and cut patterns to create your favorite pair of Luxury Activewear Pants.