Naturally Luxurious

LEORÊVER all American Cotton Collection is the definition of Naturally Luxurious. Featuring home grown USA cotton the collection reshaped the traditional “sweats”  into a stylish tracksuit to be worn all year around. 

The American Cotton Collection consists of Jackets, Sweatshirt, Pants and a Logo T-shirt all handcrafted in the LEORÊVER studio. Each piece is designed from Jonathan’s signature tapered patterns to transform a simple cotton tracksuit into a garment that is suitable for any lifestyle. 

Starting with the Fleece Jacket, cut from an original pattern it features ripped collar, waistband and side panels for ultimate comfort. Having these side panels ribbed allows the jacket to shape personally to the customer. Not only will it move with you it will also accentuate all that hard work you have done at the gym. Dual pouch pocket perfect to put your hands in on those chilly mornings heading out to the court, field or gym. It is also available with a hood for extra comfort, when you are just not feeling awaking the lion today.

Sweatshirt more your style, LEORÊVER has two in this collection. A stylish logo hooded sweatshirt will become your best friend, the most comfortable piece in the collection and you get to show your pride for wearing an all American brand with the feature of the LEORÊVER shield. The hooded sweatshirt has an option with a 6” front zipper creating a comfortable garment even more stylish. The matte black zipper is perfect for the sportsman that prefers a loose neckline.



American Cotton Fleece Pant with Jonathan's American Euro cut that tapers at the ankle to take a step above the average sweatpants. Black matte metal zippers for each mesh pocket perfect to secure all belongings, when you may be heading to the train station or airport for that long haul flight. 

Tying the collection together with a LEORÊVER shield t-shirt, featuring our Dreaming Lion, you will never be more comfortable heading out to the next fitness class or travel adventure. Knowing you are wearing all American cotton is a natural fabric that is suited for our body and makes us feel unbelievably comfortable. Don't look like you are wearing thermal sweats, wear sweat that makes you achieve your deepest aspirations.