Man Vs. Compression - Why it's more Important than Ever

Teal Mens Compression Tights

Outdated thinking surrounds us everywhere. We could go into an endless conversation about it. However, we will explore an area Jonathan has focussed in on: Professional Athletes and Compression Wear.

Virtually all NBA and NFL athletes wear Compression Wear. This is not an opinion - this is a FACT. Since 2015, Jonathan has designed and made the highest grade Compression Wear by special request for several professional teams and athletes. They needed better compression quality and performance than what they were being offered by league clothing sponsors, and turned to him to answer that need. He has received Men's Health Magazine "Best Compression Wear of the Year" award twice for his efforts.

So WHY do top level athletes NEED Compression Wear? Jonathan explains:
“The human body is enveloped by fascia - a thin layer of tissue that is tasked to hold our muscles, ligaments, and organs in place. Athletes moving at high velocity and shifting directions, put an enormous stress on their fascia. Great Compression Wear helps support the fascia to keep things in place, reducing the risk of injury, improving performance, and reducing fatigue.”

Recovery also gets a significant boost through the use of Compression Wear. Many athletes wear compression when they travel to reduce the risk of swelling and inflammation. Better recovery leads to better health, improved future performance, and career longevity.

In the professional sports world where one’s body is truly worth millions of dollars, Men Wear Tights - Shouldn’t You?