How Balanced Compression Reduces Cumulative Fatigue


If you watch professional pickleball, you will notice a trend among many of the top players. They are wearing colorful Balanced Compression Tights. It’s not about fashion - it’s about improving the quality and longevity of their playing careers. Jay Devilliers, Meagan Fudge, Andrei Daescu, Callan Dawson, and many others have found a key secret to improve their endurance, performance, and recovery during the grueling professional pickleball tours.

From 2002 to 2018, I pioneered custom compression wear for the Los Angeles Lakers. During that period, the Lakers won 5 NBA titles. Working with legendary trainer Gary Vitti, I created the first prototype shooting compression sleeve for Kobe Bryant, protective compression shirts for Metta World Peace and Pau Gasol. I designed and manufactured compression shirts to hold tracking devices and heart rate monitors for several NBA teams.

In 2016 I was called in to talk with high flyer Larry Nance Jr. and construct a special pair of tights that would help stabilize his hips and legs to help protect him from his intense style of play. Using my Compression Tights Larry loved the way he could push harder, feel fresher, and recover stronger for the next day of training or game play. Soon D’Angelo Russell, Brandon Ingram, and the entire 2016-2017 team wore them. That was the birth of the LEORÊVER Balanced Compression Tight.

Tennis & Pickleball take a cumulative toll on your lower body. The sudden starting, stopping, and change of direction creates stress and fatigue. Muscles lose pliability and begin to pull on ligaments & tendons providing the perfect storm for injuries to occur. Strained hips lead to issues in your lower back and distortions in your physique as you age. Fatigue is cumulative. As you stack layer upon layer, your body loses it’s ability to recover. Adhesions build up within muscle tissue creating stiffness, and further restricts circulation. It’s a negative cycle that builds upon itself.

Most Compression Tights purchased at retail are flimsy and cosmetic, with very little support. Made with poor quality materials and thread, and using extremely cheap overseas labor, they quickly lose their structure and support after a few uses, and fall apart. Also on the market are “Recovery Compression” products which are far too tight and uncomfortable - restricting movement, reducing circulation and decreasing performance.

On the other hand, Balanced Compression made from superior fabrics and thread, provides a supporting structure for you hips, glutes, quads and hamstrings. Soothing and comfortable, it improves blood circulation and pliability. This leads to greater endurance, improved performance, and faster recovery. Improved pliability reduces strain on tendons and joints, helping alleviate stress on knees, hips and lower backs.

LEORÊVER Balanced Compression products have been battle tested in the NBA, NFL, MMA, Professional Tennis and Professional Pickleball. For professional athletes, Balanced Compression can extend a successful career and lead to vastly improved money making opportunities. For the amateur athlete, Balanced Compression can lead to additional years of comfort and joy doing those activities you love.

We recommend full Ankle Tights or Calf Tights which help soothe calf muscles and reduce the tightness leading into your knees and all through your lower body. However many players opt for the Thigh Tights which still offer full support for your hips, glutes and hamstrings.

Whichever length you choose, by reducing cumulative fatigue & wear-and-tear each day, your body can be in better condition to take on today’s opponent, and wake up feeling better to take on tomorrow.



Author Jonathan Oe is the Designer and CEO of LEORÊVER, manufacturer of Balanced Compression Wear based in Huntington Beach, California. Former uniform and compression wear specialist for the Los Angeles Lakers from 2002-2017, he was a vice president of aerobic leotard company Gilda Marx bodywear in the 1990’s.