Ever Wish you Had Rip-Resistant Tights?

You're in the gym doing a Hang Snatch or Dead Lift - the bar, hits your leg, tears your tights, and takes a chunk of your skin with it. Not anymore. LEORÊVER Compression Tights are Rip-Resistant and tough enough to protect you. Take it from Certified CrossFit Instructor and Competitor, Carlos Mojica: "I don't like my LEORÊVER Tights - I LOVE Them! You can barely see any damage to the Tights even after 3 years." Each pair comes with a 6 month warranty and is MADE IN THE USA in our Huntington Beach California Production Studio. Available in Multiple Lengths, 11 Colors, and includes Cel Phone Pocket (Except for "Micro" length)

Train hard without the fear of scarring your legs and wasting money on torn tights. LEORÊVER Compression Tights are here to take YOU to the Next Level.