Enhance through connection

Connection, the state of being connected to a person, idea or product. The connections between social attitudes and productivity. LEORÊVER has strong connection throughout the brand, Jonathan Oe is enhancing the customers lifestyle through apparel, the connection of each piece on the athletic man's body. 

This connection is made from the start of the process, Jonathan has produced his own original patterns for each collection that has been produced. As not only a designer Jonathan is connected to all parts of the process, as he has spent time at the cutting table, sewing machine, office desk and has built every part of LEORÊVER. 

Breaking it down into each product, selected details have been made to create the best quality apparel. Physically connecting each piece of fabric together to make the awarding winning Compression Tights, comes down to the right stitch selection. The side seam on the tights and shorts is a flat stitch linking the two pieces of the pattern to join without any extra fabric, chosen to connect with the body for the best fit possible enhancing the excellent feel of the tight.



Jonathan's relationship with each collection that is generated from LEORÊVER starts with the focus on creating and eliminating space, using different fabric textures, to develop a “feel” for you to experience and treasure. Enhance the idea of how a man connects his style to social attitudes that surround him. 

Feel the unique fit in each item, that has grown from the aspirational space that Jonathans wants to connect with for a man to be daring enough to step beyond the social vacuum. Connecting with an oasis where men value themselves and have the drive to live everyday to the fullest, not worrying about being judged. It is important for the person to value their individual style, feel a connection with pieces that make them feel themselves or more than themselves. LEORÊVER wants every customer that purchases a shirt or jacket and shorts or pants to believe in the journey they are taking.

The depth of LEORÊVER connection to its products runs deep in the brands values and continuing to pursue the aspirational space where the dreaming lion awaits, is enhance through the connections that are created within LEORÊVER.