Balanced Compression Wear: Play Longer. Feel Stronger. Recover Faster.

 Balanced Compression Wear

Let’s face it, Tennis and Pickleball take a toll on your lower body. And the effect is cumulative. The more you play, the more fatigue you stack on top of the previous day’s fatigue. Muscles lose pliability and begin to pull on ligaments and tendons providing the perfect scenario for injuries to occur. Tennis and other court sports require sudden starting, stopping, and change of direction. Labrum damage and other injuries to the hips are common. And strained hips can also lead to issues in your lower back and distortions in your physique as you age.

But there are simple ways to fight back. In addition to proper hydration, training and stretching, using good BALANCED Compression Tights are a fundamental piece of improving your lower body health.

But what are BALANCED Compression Tights? Most Compression Tights purchased at retail are cosmetic in nature. They are typically flimsy and offer little-to-no support. You can also oppositely experience OVER-compression that can be uncomfortable and feels like your circulation is being cut off, DECREASING performance and restricting your movement.

What you are searching for is a BALANCED compression. Balanced Compression provides a supporting structure for your hips, glutes, quads and hamstrings. It is soothing, comfortable, and gives you reassuring confidence as you move. Balanced Compression has been proven in professional sports to improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and speed recovery.

Balanced Compression Tight benefits add up to less wear-and-tear on the court, leaving your body in better condition at the end of each day. Think about what an advantage this is during multi-day tournaments. Fatigue is cumulative, and as a tournament marches on, it can turn into a war of physical attrition as much as pure skill. But this goes far beyond competitive tennis. How about the thousands of tennis instructors who are on their feet for hours everyday? By reducing your fatigue each day, you are in better shape to take on tomorrow’s opponent, or wake up feeling better to take on your day.

Incrementally reducing the stress on your lower body is a daily mission that can change your life. Bad hips and lower bodies are linked to lower back issues. As we age, those accumulated aches, pains, and injuries build and distort our alignment and physique. It can affect our activities and confidence to take on those things we love to do. Do you enjoy cycling, hiking, dancing or going on long walks? Do you want to continue playing Tennis or Pickleball?

Choosing to wear effective Balanced Compression Tights can help you get there.


- By Jonathan Oe


By Jonathan Oe

Jonathan Oe is the Designer and CEO of LEORÊVER - manufacturer of Luxury Compression Wear and Activewear. LEORÊVER is the Official Compression Wear of the USPTA and APP (Association of Pickleball Professionals), and Mens Health Magazine Compression Award Winner. He is a former Vice President of Gilda Marx Bodywear and has designed and produced custom compression wear for the Los Angeles Lakers, Brooklyn Nets, San Antonio Spurs and LA Chargers.