Aspirational Value

Jonathan Oe founder of LEORÊVER wants not to just be a designer but a creator, taking physical products and turning them into a journey. A part of your journey, your life, putting value in the items you choose to have in your wardrobe. 

Passionate about how clothing makes a person feel, and that it can truly change, influence the direction a person's life may be heading. Jonathan knew there was a void in menswear, especially in the Business Casual industry. Men are often seen in whatever they pull out of the dresser, being baggy basketball shorts and oversized t-shirts with a matching baseball cap or possibly some Levi’s and a plaid shirt they got for Christmas. In less they have a partner that may choose what they are wearing to a particular event or to the shops. 

Business Casual, generally is an old uncomfortable suit that sits in your wardrobe until you must wear it. Jonathan could see today's man was needing a new look, a new style to fit their lifestyle not get pulled back into traditional styles of outfits. A physical product that could break the social vacuum and inspire the modern American man to take on the journey. 

LEORÊVER was born through original patterns and concepts in order to open up a space where the American Man can value themselves more and pursue the dreams they are after. Starting with pants, each pant in the LEORÊVER collection has been tailor to look smart, sleek and just like a dress pant only it feels like a smooth track pant you would wear on the couch. The tapered cut of each pant takes away from the baggy sweats look and reaches into the tailored pant category. 

A statement Jacket is a must have for Business Casual, the Roma Jacket designed from the traditional field coat of the 1940’s fits the category perfectly. Value in the style of the jacket the buttons are imported from Italy just for LEORÊVER. Valuing each detail of every collection is the most important part for Jonathan, to show appreciation to a product that can change the way you feel about things. Aspiring to get the modern man to look at the wealth in the skills he is learning along his own personal journey. 



Aspirational Value in the dreaming lion, observing the artistry and spirituality in everything we do and taking it on our journey. Deciding that we need physical products to reach our destination and understanding the depth it requires to pursue them. LEORÊVER values each garment that is produced in the Huntington Beach Studio and will continue to inspire the men of America to value their choices.