5 Steps to Awaken the Dreaming Lion in You


Each day when you rise, Your Life Story is waiting to be written. Here are five tips on how to write that story…

1) You are the Hero in your own story. Whether we like it or not, each day we wake up to new challenges to overcome, trying to navigate our way to success while finding love and meaning in our lives. In Hero on a Mission, Donald Miller explains how this idea changed his life. In my own life, my similar experiences and how I responded to them helped me realize the life journey I set out upon many years ago. Now it is your turn to be become the Hero in your own story.

2) Find Perfection in your Imperfection. No one is perfect. Embrace and rejoice your dings, dents and flaws. IT is what makes you interesting, unique and truly lovable to those around you. Perfection is BORING. My friends and family know that I have my many quirks and failures experienced along the way. Liberate yourself from the idea of perfection.

3) Choose your Destination and let it take over. Want to be the best residential electrician in your town? You have a dream to help inner city kids become math geniuses and become successful adults? Have an ambition to be a yacht maker? Make up your mind to do it and your brain will take over and tell you what to do next to accomplish that. Just listen and follow it.

4) Embrace Failure as your Teacher - Learn and Move Forward. Boy have I had my share of screwups. But as I have aged, failure no longer bruises my ego nor stops me in my tracks - it just teaches me what I need to change to succeed the next time out. Don’t let your ego stand in your way.

5) It’s gonna get dark and scary at times - keep moving forward. You’re going to move from the light of exhilaration to darkness of defeat many times. It’s like sailing through a storm - you have to navigate beyond the storm. Keep going.

Dings and dents? True Imperfection? Failure as your Guide? Afraid of the Dark? Yes - I am all those things. In the end, we measure our heroes by the challenges they overcome as much as their achievements. But the true value is not in the success or failure. The True Value is the Journey itself - all the people you meet along the way - the small awakenings you experience as you relentlessly push yourself down that road. The things you come to understand about life and about yourself, as You Become the Dreaming Lion…